The Easiest Way to Buy A Car With Bad Credit

We say YES when others say NO

At Washington Auto Credit, we help our clients get approved for auto financing so that they can purchase a new or used vehicle. We help ALL types of credit and have interest rates as low as 0.0%

Our approval specialists help you arrange new and used vehicle financing through our network of auto dealers. We work for you to help you find the best auto loan you qualify for so you can purchase a great vehicle from a reputable dealer. We have access to over 100 loan programs including Guaranteed Credit Approval. The simple truth: We can help you buy a car when others cannot.

Bankruptcy Auto Loans

Washington Auto Credit helps people with bankruptcies buy vehicles. You can buy a car if your bankruptcy is not discharged yet. We help people in both Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy secure auto financing to buy a great vehicle and rebuild their credit.

If you are in an open bankruptcy, consider a bankruptcy auto loan through Washington Auto Credit to get the auto financing you need to reestablish your credit. Washington Auto Credit has auto loan programs that allows many customers in open bankruptcies to buy vehicles with little or no down payment.

Improve Your Credit with an Auto Loan

The best way to improve bad credit is to make payments on time with a major installment loan, such as an auto loan. This helps you to build a good credit history on a new account. There are no short cuts when it comes to your credit. Get a loan, make your payments on time, and if you do not have any new negative items on your credit, your credit will improve. You can do it, and Washington Auto Credit can help you.