Get a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Auto Loan

Washington Auto Credit helps people in bankruptcies obtain auto financing so that they can buy a reliable vehicle through a franchised dealer and rebuild their credit. If you are currently involved in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, there are some things you need to know before you start shopping for a car.

Chapter 13’s are very different than Chapter 7’s.

In Chapter 7, the bankruptcy is over roughly 90-days after you file, and you can buy a car through one of our loan programs right after the 341 hearing (meeting of creditors).

In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the Trustee and the Judge need to approve of any new debt you obtain. In Washington, your lawyer will schedule a court date so that he can go before the judge and get permission for you to get a loan. This is called a Motion to Incur Debt. The judge signs a letter outlining the maximum amount financed and your maximum monthly payment. For example, the letter could say that you can get a loan as long as the total amount financed is less than $15,000 and the monthly payments are less than $400. Then, we go to work for you and help you secure a loan.

We see a lot of lawyers asking their clients to provide a copy of a contract and purchase order so they can show the judge an example of what is being requested. WA Auto Credit provides a free copy of a contract and purchase order to any of our clients that visit our offices at 2400 Carriage Loop SW, Olympia, WA 98502. We will give you these documents even if you decide not to buy a car with us, and we will give them to you without asking you to fill out a credit application.

Call us at 360-529-0002 today to setup a time to pick up your contract and purchase order.

Posted by: Ryan Garrison

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